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    • 26 Mar 2015
    • 6:30 PM
    • 14 May 2015
    • 9:00 PM
    • The Woodlands At Furman, 1500 Trailhead Court, Greenville, SC 29617
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    The Journeyman beekeeper class is for those that desire to go to the next level of beekeeping. The 2 hour class will be held over an an 8 week period.   

    Details of Journeyman Class
    Date & Time:  
    Each class time will begin 6:30-9:00pm
    March 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7 & 14

    Class Fee $65 with Text Book
    The class fee includes Class Handouts, Hive & The HoneyBee written and practical test.

    Class Fee $40 without Text Book:
    You will be asked at registration to confirm that you have The Hive and The Honey Bee.

    The Woodlands At Furman
    1500 Trailhead Court, Greenville, SC 29617
    (864) 294-2000

    Class begins at 6:30pm and will go to 9:00pm with one break.

    Class Topics:
    History of Bees and Man & Nomenclature
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Queen Rearing
    Honey Labeling/Packaging/Regulations
    Pollination/Parts of a Flower/Pollen and Nectar Plants
    Pesticides/Pesticide Labels/Proper Application  
    Diseases & Pests
    Written Exam and Practical Exam

    Required Reading:
    Your textbook is The Hive and The HoneyBee published by Dadant publishing.

    What you can to bring to class....
    • Your favorite note taking notebook with paper
    • Water Bottle & Snacks for yourself (optional)
    • Bring your Textbook-The Hive and The Honey Bee
    • Electronic Tablet or laptop (optional)
    • Bring what you need to make you feel comfortable
    • You may audio or video record each session. (recordings are not for redistribution)

    Furman College is located in the upper west of the state. Persons in the lower part of the state and to the East should consider driving with a friend.  If overnight is a real possibility, we can help find lodging for you.

    Study Materials:
    There study materials available for you on the State Website/Journeyman Study Materials.  It is recommended to review these materials as often as you can to make your class experience and testing a breeze.  Journeyman Reading Requirement.pdf

    Journeyman Requirements:
    Please visit the state website Journeyman page

    Teachers (All not confirmed yet):
    Mel Wallace & Staci Siler & Richard Hanks & Buddy May

    Class Facilitators:  
    Walter Perrin & Cynthia Robinson

    Please go to the Event Registration page to sign up for the class. 

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