The South Carolina State Fair ----- October 8-19, 2014     

The 2013 Fair is over for this year.  Thank you to all the beekeepers that manned the observation hive and educated the public about our important pollinators, the honeybees.  Thank You to the beekeepers who took time to prepare the honey for sale to the public.  Thank You to all the beekeepers that entered honey and beeswax.  Thank you to those that made exhibits for the booth.  Thank You to Cathy Kittle who coordinated the beekeeper's schedule and booth set up. 

       2014 Fair Information!  New Rules for the 2014 SC State Fair - click here
                                         Exhibit Information  click here

If you have any questions or comments about the SC State Booth please contact Cathy Kittle 

 Observation Hive  Honey & Wax  Honey Bee Exhibits

Remember, we are the honey bees' ambassadors. Educating the public about them is our responsibility and it is great fun.

 See you at the Fair!



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