Certified Level


This is the entry level of the Master Beekeeper Program.  To complete this level, the beekeeper should be familiar with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to become a hobby beekeeper. The prospective beekeeper will be required to have a minimum of 1 season experience before they can take the practical.


Pass a written and practical test.

  •  Describe the parts of the beehive
  • Light and properly use a smoker
  • Recognize the various stages of brood
  • Recognize the different castes of bees
  • Find the queen or describe how to find the queen and what she looks like
  • Differentiate between bee brood, pollen, capped honey, and uncapped honey
  • Identify propolis and describe its function in the hive

Recommended Reading for Beginner Beekeepers 
'First Lessons in Beekeeping' by Keith Delaplane 

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